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The 3rd Annual Pomp & Circumstance Casino Night offers a lively night of blackjack, Texas Hold Em, Roulette and Craps, all run by professional dealers. Each person gets $25,000 in play money. The event is Friday, January 20 at Emerson Ballroom in downtown Macon. It starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m. Recommended attire is black tie or cocktail attire. Food will be provided and there will be a live DJ. Prizes at the end of the night include electronics, jewelry, vacation and artwork. Tickets are $50 or $85 per couple. For more information or to buy tickets, visit .

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A photo of Alfred Olango, who was shot by El Cajon police, is seen at a makeshift memorial at the parking lot where he was shot in El Cajon, California, U.S. September 29, 2016.  REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon LOS ANGELES A police officer was legally justified in shooting dead an unarmed black man in El Cajon, California, in September, and will not be charged criminally, the county's top prosecutor said on Tuesday. Ugandan refugee Alfred Olango was shot four times by officer Richard Gonsalves in the parking lot of a taco stand in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon after pulling a metallic vaping device from his pocket and pointing it at police. The incident, the latest in a string of shootings of mostly unarmed black men by police, touched off days of protests and calls by activists for a federal investigation. "After carefully reviewing the facts, the evidence and the law, weve determined the officers use of deadly force was reasonable under the circumstances and he bears no criminal liability for his actions," San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis told reporters at an afternoon press conference. Dumanis said the shooting was legally justified because it was reasonable to conclude that Gonsalves, a 21-year veteran of the El Cajon Police Department, believed his life was in danger from Olango. Gonsalves and a second officer, who fired a Taser device at Olango, were both placed on administrative leave during an investigation into the incident by the district attorney's office. Two El Cajon police officers encountered Olango after receiving calls about a "mentally unstable" man walking in traffic. Olango's mother later told reporters she believes her son was having a mental breakdown because of the recent death of a friend.

What, then, are the ways to stay in the game and not get bared? First, consider an hour the maximum time in any one casino. You might play at two or three different tables and pits, but by an hour's time, management will begin to suspect youre a skilled player that they dont want in their casino. Staying too long will alert them and will start to take steps against you. Limiting your time in any one casino will allow you to get in and out without too much trouble. Next, limit your betting spread. With a single deck its recommended to one to four units. With multi-decks, one to six or eight units is a safe spread. The important thing is to gradually build up your wager. For example; after willing a two-unit bet, you might add your winnings for the next hand, thereby doubling your bet of four units. However, jumping from two units to six or eight units in one play might bring too much.

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